We only broker European subcontractors with adequate experience and subject-specific qualifications.
Benefit from our contacts and as a client, the brokerage is FREE OF CHARGE!


Thanks to ongoing recruiting efforts and careful cultivation of contacts with our clients we are able to provide year-round capacity utilization to our subcontractors and full order books to you as a client.


Benefit from our experience. WERKportal puts an end to the time-consuming matter of looking for subcontractors. Within 24 hours we are capable of finding the suitable subcontractors for your project.

– verified business associates
– serious and fast placement of orders
– B2B interface
– subcontractors and
– project brokerage

WERKportal is THE interface that saves you time and formalities.

Since 2004 we ensure that construction projects are realized reliably and fast. This is achieved by employing verified European subcontractors that have specific knowledge on the local language.

Due to the proximity to the Eastern European countries, we predominantly employ subcontractors from Slovenia, Croatia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. German and Austrian subcontractors also count to our reliable partners.

WERKportal is THE interface between employer and contractor.

We act as supervisor from the inquiry to the completion of your project and help answering all of your questions regarding the statutory regulations.

WERKportal allows you to react to staff shortages and to realize your construction projects with the help of our brokered craftsmen.


“The secret to success is the beginning”

Please feel free to contact us by either sending us an e-mail, completing the contact form or calling us. You can then inform us about the number of specialized craftsmen required and the time period.
Shortly, you will be contacted to sort out all of the necessary matters and details.


After the proper team for your construction project is found, the service contract between the subcontractor and you as a client is prepared. Needless to say, the necessary service contract is provided by us. Additionally, you will also receive all of the statutorily mandatory documents concerning your subcontractor. Let accommodation and organization be our concern – You can lean back! Your construction project will be completed fast, reliably, and just as you imagine it.


The service we provide is free of charge for you as our customer.
Generally, the subcontractor will directly issue weekly invoices to you that are determined by the delivered performance. Verifying and paying the invoice should not pose a problem, as the term of payment is set at 14 days.

Our team
Strong partners – fair business

Electrical, metal, sanitary and heating in Northern Germany

Accounting and general questions

In the company since 2012.

“He who acts where others talk gets ahead in life.”
– John F. Kennedy

Sanitary and heating, plant engineering and electricity

In the company since 2012.

“Coming together is a start, sticking together is progress, and working together is success.”
– Henry Ford

Wood, metal and roofing

In the company since 2013.

“Strength is born of calmness.”

sales assistance
customer inquiries

tiling – interior construction
painting – dry construction – flooring


office management

Back office / accounting

Sanitary and heater in Northern Germany


Software development, technical support, homepage

We are a young, innovative, and dynamic team that is located in Klagenfurt on lake Wörthersee, Carinthia.
For the past 15 years, WERKportal relied on quality, reliability and individuality as your broker of choice.
With pride, we can look back on a long corporate history, a continuous improvement and further development of our company.
Every request is processed professionally and carefully by our experienced long-time employees.

Time is also YOUR Money – In order to save time for both you and us and to allow for an efficient functioning, we review every request upon arrival. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail, as we are available around the clock.

Be our partner and we can be designers of a common success story.


Small or big construction sites, renovations or new constructions.
WERKportal provides qualified craftsmen fully equipped with tools and vehicles within a short period of time.

    Gas, water, heating, and electricity

    “Nothing is impossible!”
    WERKportal brokers only the best teams and standalone companies from the areas heating, climate control, ventilation, and sanitation for your projects.

      Wood, roofing and metal

      We help you to react to staff shortage and to get hold of the best subcontractors from the fields wood, roofing, and metal, that will help you to realize your construction project as fast as possible.

        Recruiting & office management

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